If I had a dollar for every time I heard a reference about that scene in Alien, we wouldn’t have to worry about the sticker price for off-road strollers or non-VOC crib mattresses. Yet the Ridley Scott horror clip has become curiously appropriate now that we can see Peeper kicking and practicing backflips in utero.

A few nights ago Eric was waiting with his hand on my belly (Peeper had turned shy and still the last few times he’d tried it) when he noticed he could feel where the baby was—in this case, all the way to my right side. I lifted my shirt up to see and that’s when our cage fighter-in-training  pulled its best xenomorph impersonation.

The undulations and jabs beneath my skin were mesmerizing. I couldn’t tear my eyes away. Now whenever Peeper’s having a particularly active few minutes, I try to sneak a peek.

Eric is still feeling the effects of my bump’s resemblance to the Alien scene, though. “I could watch this all day, but it kind of creeps me out,” he said.

Sure—but in an amazing way.

Here’s hoping Alien-Peeper and I have a better outcome than the crew of the Nostromo.

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