Music to my laboring ears

Labor was getting intense. My work friend was perched on a birthing ball at the hospital, sweaty and trying to bring her daughter into the world. Her then-husband hovered nearby. Their custom play list pulsed out motivating music.

And then, Outkast’s “Hey Ya!” began.

“Turn. That. Off,” my friend growled. The upbeat, catchy tune did not inspire her to wiggle her fingers or shake it like a Polaroid picture. And that was the end of their musical accompaniment.

Hey Ya

Many of the pregnancy advice sites recommend compiling a play list for labor–but how do you choose what to play? How do you ensure you don’t have a regretful “Hey No!” moment?

I have a mix of relaxing, comforting songs I turn to if I need to focus intently and make a deadline. It includes a lot of Radiohead, Sigur Ros and Iron & Wine. I figure we’ll play this at least a bit, unless the otherworldly Icelandic keening makes me wish for an auditory epidural.

But I want a backup plan, or at least some more options.

What did you listen to while you were in labor? What did you wish you had? Or was music the last thing on your mind?

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