One month

Yesterday Edith Mae turned one month old. It’s clichéd, but I couldn’t believe how much time had flown past since the Sunday Edie joined our family.

Those first moments with her are still vivid: her bewildered, angry cry; her purple hue; the warmth of her on my chest. I could tear my eyes away from her only to look at Eric. How did we possibly get so lucky? How did we manage to create something so beautiful and perfect?

Her socks are so baggy on her!
Her socks are so baggy on her!

Since then we’ve had a lot of firsts. Edith’s first car ride, going home from the hospital, was a stressful one. Eric tensed up in the front seat and angrily criticized the other drivers as we hit traffic on I-84; I sat in the back and watched over our precious cargo. The last time we’d driven that stretch I was in labor.

Papa and Scrunchface seek the shade.
Papa and Scrunchface seek the shade.

We took our first family outing nearly a week after Edith was born. We packed a picnic and sat in the shade at Champoeg State Park, where settlers met in 1843 and decided to form a provisional government for Oregon Country. We learned the importance of packing an extra outfit when she peed on herself while we changed her—a habit that has seemingly become her favorite pastime. (“My diaper is off? Terrific! I need to empty my bladder!”

Peeper is sure to become a water weasel, delighting in the river for swimming, splashing and of course kayaking.
Peeper is sure to become a water weasel, delighting in the river for swimming, splashing and of course kayaking.

We visited the river for the first time a few weeks later. We went to Milo McIver State Park, one of our favorite places for disc golfing, where we went the week I was due. It was so hot then and I was so huge that I sat in a camp chair in the chilly Clackamas to cool down; this time Edith and I sat on the bank while Eric swam. The trip also counted as her first disc golfing adventure, although she slept through the few holes Eric played. The trip was worth the stress of getting there: While driving, Edith woke and screamed until we pulled into an Oil Can Henry’s, where I nursed her in the parking lot while local kids filled up their oversized inner tubes outside the car window.

Tummy time fail.
Tummy time fail.

More recently, Edie had her first tummy time. She must have missed the memo on what tummy time’s all about because she fell asleep immediately. In later attempts, she’s lifted her head and even turned it toward me when I scooted around behind her. She, Finn and I get down on the floor together for family tummy time now. I can hardly believe how strong her neck has gotten.

She's focusing her eyes!
She’s focusing her eyes!

I imagine every month will bring more firsts. And I’m sure I’ll marvel at how much she has changed. Edith is already outgrowing her newborn onesies, and when we weighed her yesterday, she’d gained six ounces in five days. When we receive gifts from friends, my first impulse is to return the sleepers and dresses they’ve given us. “She’ll never fit into this,” I think. “It’s so big!” I can’t fathom her filling out a nine-month outfit.

So happy one month, little Peeper. We love you very much and can’t wait to see what the next month holds!

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  • August 9, 2013 at 10:18 pm

    OK, so she’s an Uncle Dick’s kinda a girl. “NEVER, ever, pass up an opportunity to piss outdoors.”

    love dad (outdoorsman)


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