Three months

The other day I was cleaning the kitchen and came across photos I printed when Edith was just a week old. I put two of them up on the fridge—one of her sleeping in just a diaper, showing off the scab of her umbilical cord, and the other of her biting Eric’s nose when she was hungry. I look at them now whenever I open the freezer and marvel at how much our baby has changed.

The range of facial expressions on this kid continues to floor me.
The range of facial expressions on this kid continues to floor me.

Yesterday Edith turned three months old—a quarter of a year.

The last month has been a fun one for her development. Last week we had a play date with other mama-baby duos from our mom’s group. She spent most of the afternoon sleeping (a rarity) but must have been inspired by the other babies, most of whom are older. That night, Edith rolled over again and again during tummy time. She rolls in stages: first her top half slumps over, then her hips and legs follow.

Since then, she rolls at will. The freedom and control seem to have changed her antipathy toward tummy time. She’s also interested in the toys hanging from her play mat and—occasionally—in the mirror. Every so often she’ll look at herself and smile.

Edie mirrorThe best new development this month was Edith’s first laugh. When I change her diaper, we spend a few minutes hanging out while she’s on her back. This is the time she’s most talkative these days, and I love her cooing and gurgling. Her sounds crack me up, and I swoon for her grins. All my laughter must have seemed funny to her because she laughed, too! I haven’t heard a giggle since, but I can’t wait to make her laugh again and again.

IMG_6088Edie is now moving—rolling, perhaps?—toward new changes. She still loves to face out and look at the world. I’m learning that is her personality: She seems to want to meet new experiences head-on. I can only imagine she’ll encounter her next milestones with a smile—and maybe even a laugh.


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