14 months

In the last month, Peeper has gained the gift of gab. I’m astounded by the words she says: In addition to the baby basics like ball, cat and bye-bye, she names moles (her papa and I are marked by a constellation of ‘em) and clocks (despite our not owning one; she learned the word at her grandparents’ house and by looking at books).

Sometimes she gets a bit mixed up by her limited vocabulary. A few weeks ago we went to the farmer’s market, where they were offering free pony rides. When Peeper saw the horses, she shrieked, “Dog!” Um, close enough.Ten Thousand Hour Mama - Horse at Black Butte Ranch

And mysteriously, she calls rabbits apples. “Bunny rabbit,” I’ll correct her. “A-po,” she replies. Ok, apple bunnies it is.

She’s also stringing two words together in sentences. “Dada bye-bye,” she’ll say.

Summer was a great time to be 14 months. Peeper had the opportunity to run outside, play in dirt and occasionally stay up past her bedtime. The days are so long that I couldn’t begrudge her playing in the park or exploring a field a little later than usual.Ten Thousand Hour Mama - Durham City Park

Ten Thousand Hour Mama - blackberriesTen Thousand Hour Mama - Willamette Park West Linn splash padTen Thousand Hour Mama - watermelon

I’ve been working more as Peeper gets older and more independent (hence posting this 14-month update three weeks late). Peeper will play or read books by herself for a few minutes at a time, but periodically she runs over to my desk (aka the kitchen table) to show me something. “Mama!” she’ll cry, and I swoop her up. She settles on my lap, and we flip through a book or play the grab-everything-off-the-table game.

Working at home with a toddler can be stressful, and it’s not exactly efficient. But I’m grateful that my career is flexible enough to allow me this time with Peeper. She and I are best buds.Ten Thousand Hour Mama - Champoeg State Park

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