Happy Mother’s Day to Me: Loving myself more

This guest post comes from Selena Maestas, an integrative nutritionist who is super-serious about helping women accept, love and cherish themselves—as they are. Her Love YOU More Project is inspiring women across the internet to adopt radical self-love. In this Happy Mother’s Day to Me series, Selena and a whole slew of mothers are celebrating themselves for the dedicated, loving, tireless mamas they are. Check out all the posts in the series!

Happy Mother's Day to Me: Loving Myself More - Ten Thousand Hour Mama


You are an amazing woman who has been through so much.  You don’t like to complain or whine about what has happened, because without it, you wouldn’t be YOU. You wouldn’t be who you are today. You wouldn’t have the insight and knowledge to help women the way you do.

But it still hurts.

And you cry. A lot.

As strong as you are, you are still soft.  You are full of emotion.

Tears are just your way.

Feeling is something you embrace.

You’ve learned that if you don’t feel it, it will eat you alive.

You used to hide those feelings.

You used to conform to what others expected of you and demanded of you. In fact, you lost yourself so deep, that you become physically ill.

But guess what?

What did that teach you?

It taught you to BE YOU. No matter what people think.

It taught you to make the choices that are against the grain… but not YOUR grain.

It taught you to do YOU the way it feels good.

Lovely, you learned to Love YOU More.

Love YOU More than what he says, or she says, or they say.

Love YOU More than what society says of single mothers.

Love YOU More than what your old patterns of habit would have you believe.

Love YOU More to care for YOU above all else.

Selena, I love you.

And really, what else matters?

Because if I can’t love you, then you can’t really love anyone fully and truly.

And even though you know other’s opinions don’t matter, I want you to know that those two little monkeys you have… they love you too. Sooo much.

And your dad, he is proud of you.

And your mom really did appreciate you.

And those women who you touch with your gift, they want to give you a huge hug as well.

So Selena, this is why, on this Mother’s Day, I encourage you to move forward. Don’t let life get you down—for too long. (Because you are a “feeler,” you get two days for your pity party and no more!)

Always stand proud—chest open. Heart open. OPEN.

Let your eyes shine—you know they smile on their own.

And believe in you.

All will work out.

You will succeed.

All you need to do is remember what you preach: Love YOU More… and all will fall into place.

Love YOU always,


Selena Maestas is an Integrative Nutritionist turned defender of radical self-love. She empowers people to embrace the freedom and joy of putting yourself first because you matter, just as you are. Through her Love YOU More project, she helps women make themselves a priority without guilt. Too often, women underestimate their importance to this life, this space, and to themselves. Selena is also a guide for women to reconnect with their true selves. They explore the deeper reasons why they do not recognize themselves anymore in fun and creative ways. With this new information, she helps create a plan (and a vision board) as a powerful representation of the life they want to live, and rekindle those desires they may have lost. Find Selena on Facebook and Instagram

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