Kiwi is 13 months: Always on the move

The other day, Kiwi sat at her high chair with a washable marker clutched in one fist. Using wide, sweeping motions, she moved her entire body to cover the paper in bright stripes. Her coloring was like an energetic dance—and that is how she approaches everything.

If she’s awake, my 13-month-old is moving.

This 13 month old cheered on Team USA during the Olympics! Ten Thousand Hour MamaNow that this toddler can walk, she loves the splash pad all summer long!Now that she's mobile, the beach is even more fun for this toddler. Ten Thousand Hour MamaThe beach is full of fun—and opportunities to dig sand!—for toddlers. Ten Thousand Hour MamaThis toddler is the queen of my heart. Ten Thousand Hour Mama

While she breastfeeds, she stands up, turns from side to side and even jiggles to music—all while staying latched.

And in the off-chance she lingers long enough for me to read a few pages of a book to her, she’s standing up. But if there are no flaps to lift or knobs to turn, she’ll abandon story time in search of something more physical, like running circles around the kitchen island.

At 13 months old, her constant need to be on the move exhausts me. She’s a confident walker, but she still prefers to hold onto my finger when moseying around the house. (She can go a lot faster that way—great, my toddler already has a need for speed!) After the millionth lap around the living room, all I want to do is lie down on the floor.

At 13 months old, my toddler had her first ice cream - because she really needs sugar to make her more active. ;) Ten Thousand Hour Mama

The second I’m on my back, of course, she climbs onto my stomach and bounces. When I jiggle her as if she’s on horseback, she squeals with laughter, showing me all seven of her teeth.

This 13 month old loves her dog! Ten Thousand Hour MamaWhen my 13 month old is always on the move, it can be exhausting. But the smile she shows when she's having fun makes it all worth it. Ten Thousand Hour Mama

Ice cream sandwiches at the baseball game: special treats for these sisters. Ten Thousand Hour Mama

Rarely, though, both Kiwi and Peeper settle down simultaneously.

Take, for example, a recent morning when my toddler was breastfeeding. Peeper climbed up alongside us. She snuggled into me, draped her arm over me and stroked Kiwi’s hair. She began to sing a lullaby: “La la lu, la la lu, oh my little star sweeper”—her version of the Lady and the Tramp song.

When she's sleeping: Pretty much the only time my 13 month old isn't moving. Ten Thousand Hour Mama

Most of the time, our lives run at a frenetic pace. Kiwi’s activity is equally fast. And some days, like when the girls literally throw the dinner I just cooked at me, or when their tantrums at the park send us straight back to the car, I wish would pass faster.

But that morning could last forever and I would be happy. My girls lay on either side of me: I was at the center of a love sandwich. They looked at each other and I wanted to hold my breath for fear of my exhalations breaking the spell.

At 13 months old, Kiwi’s life is most marked by action: walking, bouncing, pointing. But this uncharacteristic few minutes of stillness I will never forget.

At 13 months old, my toddler is always on the move —which makes her moments of stillness even more precious. Ten Thousand Hour Mama

4 thoughts on “Kiwi is 13 months: Always on the move

  • August 24, 2016 at 9:30 am

    That love sandwich sounds like a memory you’ll always treasure!

    • August 25, 2016 at 9:02 am

      It definitely is! 🙂

  • August 25, 2016 at 12:22 am

    Just reading this, and remembering my own kiddos at that busy stage, makes me tired! Gosh I miss that exciting newly mobile stage. Enjoy!

    • August 25, 2016 at 9:02 am

      I suppose my dependence on caffeinated tea is no wonder! 🙂


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