10 easy yarn projects for kids: Friday Funday roundup

When I was a freshman in college, I learned how to knit from another gal in my dorm. A whole bunch of us would pile onto one of our teeny-tiny beds in the University of Oregon’s notoriously dungeon-like dorm rooms, and together we’d knit one, purl one for hours—instead of studying (or binge drinking!). I gave the resulting scarf to my sister for Christmas. I was so excited for her to open it. When she did, she oohed, held it up—and burst into laughter. The thing was enormous, more of a shawl than a scarf, and hilariously wonky.

I’ve gotten much better at knitting since then, though these days most of my yarn projects are of the arts and crafts kind, not the follow-an-intricate-sweater-pattern variety. That’s ok, though! Yarn is good for more than just cable-knit caps. These 10 easy yarn projects for kids are super fun anytime, no matter if it’s sunny or sweater weather.

Easy yarn projects for kids // arts and crafts // Ten Thousand Hour Mama

  1. TP Roll and Yarn Monsters, from Danya Banya. These lil’ guys are SO CUTE. I think we may make a whole village of them. TP Roll yarn monsters / kids yarn arts and crafts project // Ten Thousand Hour Mama
  2. Yarn and Spoon Mermaid, by I Heart Crafty Things. Whenever we play Ariel—which is often—Peeper is always Ariel, I am always Sebastian, and poor Kiwi is always Flounder. Once we make some of these yarn and spoon crafts, though, maybe we can all be mermaids! Easy yarn crafts for kids // mermaid // Ten Thousand Hour Mama
  3. Painting with Yarn Process Art, by Buggy and Buddy. I am a huge fan of process art—basically letting your kids get all creative without an adult-conceived outcome in mind—and I love how this project uses unconventional materials (yarn!) to add excitement to an arts and crafts day. 10 easy yarn crafts for kids // yarn painting // process art // Ten Thousand Hour Mama
  4. Fashionably fierce sweater craft, by yours truly! After reading the bad-ass princess book The Princess and the Pony, Peeper and I came up with this fun sweater craft using yarn and paint. Pair the craft and a read-aloud to make sweaters for a whole menagerie of brutes! Kids sweater craft: Princess and the Pony
  5. Dandelion bouquet, by Bren Did. It’s still grey here in Oregon, but today Peeper handed me a single dandelion that was growing in our yard despite the odds. Having a whole bouquet of yarn flowers in the house would cheer me up on these grey days—and would leave the actual dandelions alone to, ahem, struggle against our area’s record rains10 easy kid yarn crafts // Dandelion bouquet // tassel flowers // Ten Thousand Hour Mama
  6. Bird Finder Binoculars, by Art Bar Blog. Kiwi is obsessed with unrolling all our TP and stuffing it into the toilet. Annoying, I know. But on the plus side, we have plenty of cardboard rolls for these adorable, cheery and easy yarn projects for kids! Toilet paper roll binoculars // TP cardboard tube and yarn craft // Ten Thousand Hour Mama
  7. Circle Weaving for Kids, by Hello Wonderful. Confession: I have always wanted to learn to weave a basket. This may be my gateway drug. I don’t even care if my kids want to do this craft; I am going to rock it! Easy yarn projects for kids / Circle weaving / No mess arts and crafts / Ten Thousand Hour Mama
  8. No-Paint Yarn Painting, by Picklebums. This blogger read my freakin’ mind. The source of almost all of my family’s latest meltdowns (including my own, if I’m being honest): paint. Messy, messy, messy paint. I’m ready for some no-mess art projects like this one! No mess arts and crafts project // yarn painting craft for kids // Ten Thousand Hour Mama
  9. Yarn Block Prints, by I Always Pick the Thimble. My kids love stamping, and this project is an easy craft for them to make their own stamps (and some wrapping paper while they’re at it!). Easy yarn projects for kids // block prints // Ten Thousand Hour Mama
  10. Yarn Rolling Pin Printing, by Kids Play Box. I love the criss-cross pattern you get when rolling a yarn-covered rolling pin in paint. Don’t these crafts turn out gorgeous? Easy yarn crafts for kids // Rolling pin art // Ten Thousand Hour Mama

Enjoy your weekend and these easy yarn projects for kids—and happy Friday Funday!

Easy yarn projects for kids // arts and crafts // ten thousand hour mama

5 thoughts on “10 easy yarn projects for kids: Friday Funday roundup

  • March 10, 2017 at 4:35 pm

    I did a lot of knitting in my UO dorm room, too!!
    Yarn is a lot of fun. These are great ideas and I bet older kids could even learn some knitting and finger crocheting!

    • March 10, 2017 at 9:43 pm

      Heck yes! I love yarn too because it’s so versatile.

  • March 12, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    Great ideas! The yarn painting and yarn monsters actually seem like something I did while I was a child, how fun! I’m excited to do this stuff in the future with my little one!

    • March 13, 2017 at 10:49 am

      The yarn monsters are one project I’m particularly excited about! Thanks for stopping by, Maxene!

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