Awesomesauce pear sauce [recipe]

In case you haven’t looked out your window recently, know this: It’s fall! The best time of year! The season that smells like crisp leaves and votive candles burning inside pumpkins! The months when you get to snuggle in sweaters and flannel and cozy PJs! The time you dress up and eat candy or stay smugly inside and laugh at the fools who spend all that time and energy just to be uncomfortable in their costumes!

There aren’t enough exclamation points!

Picking pears - Ten Thousand Hour Mama IMG_4896

To take advantage of glorious autumn, we took a trip to the orchard and picked a bucket-full-o’ pears. Red and green Bartletts were in season, and they were easy to pick from the low branches at Sherwood Orchards. Eric was good enough to be primary Peeper wrangler while I focused on picking pears. Because we needed a lot of pears—pears for this almost-too-easy-to-be-true spiced pear sauce.

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Jam hats [tutorial]

Not too long ago, I went to my friend Jeannette’s bridal shower. I’d never been to one before, and I was pleasantly surprised: We drank mojitos, ate cheese and arranged flowers bought from the farmer’s market. (Seriously, what a cool activity! If I ever host a baby or bridal shower, we’re doing some mother-effin flower arranging.)

Bridal shower - Ten Thousand Hour Mama IMG_20140621_141558_157

Even though I was a rookie at the whole bridal shower thing, I figured I was meant to bring a gift. But bringing her a bowl or a set of glasses from her registry didn’t seem very personal, and I felt awkward expecting her to open a box of lingerie in front of her mom and mother-in-law.

So what to give her?

Jeannette’s hubby-to-be, a good friend of mine since college, works for a local produce company delivering scrumptious fruits and veggies all over the city, and he brings home samples of what stores can’t sell. Faced with more carrots and cukes than any couple could possibly eat, they end up canning some of the summer’s bounty.

Thinking of this hobby (which, apparently, is on hold until after all wedding planning is finished), I made Jeannette a set of can toppers—or, as I like to say, jam hats.

Forgive the terrible lighting—I finished sewing these the night before the shower and had to make do with these pictures!
Forgive the terrible lighting—I finished sewing these the night before the shower and had to make do with these pictures!

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