Pure summer: How to make a wildflower crown

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong in a boat out at sea
Sail away, kill off the hours
You belong somewhere you feel free

Nothing quite says summer like strolling, picking wildflowers and weaving a crown. Don’t believe me? Make one and see for yourself.

Want to wear something DIY that's pure summer, either for yourself or your kids? Here's how to make a wildflower crown! Ten Thousand Hour Mama

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Family resemblance

Family resemblance can be so strong. I just hope my daughter displays her aunt's personality traits, too. Ten Thousand Hour Mama

The other day I was looking for a particular photo when I stumbled upon one that made me gasp—no exaggeration. The family resemblance was striking.

I found an image of my older sister as a toddler, and Peeper’s resemblance is uncanny. See for yourself:

Toddler eat flower tulip
Aunt Bootsie, around 1 year old, develops a taste for the finer things
Toddler tulip festival Woodburn curls
Peeper investigates a tulip at the Woodburn Tulip Festival

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Flower power: Woodburn’s Tulip Festival

The combination of Peeper’s interest in nature, our daily trips outside and her gift of gab have made for an ever-expanding botanical vocabulary.

While we were in Mexico, she talked about the three distinct varieties of cacti near our hotel. And now that spring is in full swing, she calls out dandelions, daisies and daffodils by their names. We’re still working on the Latin names, though. (Kidding!)

After two visits to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm’s Tulip Fest outside Woodburn, though, she definitely knows tulips. Woodburn Tulip Festival - Ten Thousand Hour Mama Woodburn Tulip Festival - Ten Thousand Hour Mama Woodburn Tulip Festival - Ten Thousand Hour Mama Read more

Flower, pretty flower

Ten Thousand Hour MamaFlowers are probably in Peeper’s top ten favorite things, ranking below milk and baths but above pizza. Whenever she sees flowers, she makes a sniffing noise and squirms to get closer.

They feature in her play, too. When we have bouquets in the house, I periodically give her a flower or two.

She carries them around and offers them to everyone, making a sniff, sniff noise.

Inevitably, though, she finishes by pulling off all the petals. I imagine her reciting, “She loves me, she loves me not” as she plucks them.

Peeper, the answer is yes, no matter whom you’re picking petals for. How could anyone fail to love you?

Ten Thousand Hour Mama