Keep your kids busy on the plane: DIY travel activity kits

The last time I flew with the girls, I was by myself. So I schlepped two kids, a couple of carry-ons, Peeper’s lovey and a whole bunch of anxiety onto a plane. I was, understandably, worried about flying with kids solo.

How do you keep your kids busy on the plane—especially when you only have two hands? I wondered.

With luck, and the kindness of a few understanding strangers, we survived that flight. I learned a few lessons, though, that I want to share here: tips on building travel activity kits we’ll be using when we’re doing road trips and flying with kids over the holidays. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and the busiest travel days of the year staring us down, we could all use some ideas to travel as a family.

Looking for ways to keep your kids busy on the plane, too? Want to limit their screen time? Want to survive the flight without the rest of the passengers threatening to throw your family out an air lock?

Learn from my experience—and be prepared. You’ll stress less at 30,000 feet in the air when your kids are happy with these travel activity kits!

Traveling on the busiest travel day of the year? Keep your kids busy on the plane—or on a road trip—with DIY travel activity kits. Ten Thousand Hour Mama Read more

When failing at Christmas is the best Christmas yet

This Christmas we did not get a tree, and we did not hang stockings.

I haven’t yet bought a gift for anyone in my immediate family. (Sorry guys, they’ll come… eventually.)

I frosted precisely zero Christmas cookies.

I keep pinning, but let’s be real. I’ve crafted next to nothing.

There have been no chestnuts roasted on an open fire, sprinkles snitched or eggnog-flavored drinks drunk.

But that’s ok. That’s not what Christmas is about.

We have safely traveled to see relatives in far-flung places—and were reminded of the saintliness of strangers on the plane. (Exhibit A: Our seatmate who let Peeper play with his iPhone when she was this close to Meltdown City.)

PDX Portland Airport carpet selfie - Ten Thousand Hour MamaWe visited the Oregon Zoo and the Brookfield Zoo. (Peeper looked at me like, YOU NEVER TOLD ME THERE WAS MORE THAN ONE ZOO!)

Peeper learned important new words like “snowman” and “jingle.”

We visited family—including some new additions whom I hadn’t yet met, and many of whom had never met Peeper.

Ryan Family Christmas 2014_2And Peeper has found her new calling as the Chicken Whisperer.

Peeper the Chicken Whisperer - Ten Thousand Hour MamaI’ll just go ahead and call this Christmas so far a success.

Peeper Christmas dress - Ten Thousand Hour MamaMerry Christmas, all!