“Swimming all over place”

Puerto Vallarta beach toddler - Ten Thousand Hour MamaThere’s no denying it: This child is a water baby—or, in the Ryan family lexicon, a water weasel.

Peeper loved swimming lessons from her very first trip to the YMCA. If she had her way, she’d spend hours in the bath, pouring water from a toy watering can and holding onto the sides of the tub to kick as hard as she can. It’s a constant battle to keep her dry at the Oregon coast. And she makes any unsuspecting water source—a sidewalk puddle, the dog’s dish—into an instant source of fun.

But her love of water at home has nothing on the passion she uncovered on vacation.

Waterslide Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta - Ten Thousand Hour MamaNuevo Vallarta Mexico - Ten Thousand Hour MamaToddler in ocean - Ten Thousand Hour MamaSplashing in ocean - Ten Thousand Hour MamaDuring our vacation in Mexico, Peeper spent almost every waking minute in the water. After breakfast, we headed to the pool or beach. Then bath and nap. After waking up, we returned to the pool or beach. Then bath and bedtime.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

Even when it was pouring outside, she wanted to visit the waterfall in the hotel lobby, stomp in puddles, watch buses splash through the flooded streets and run through the rain.

Rainy day entertainment in Mexico - Ten Thousand Hour MamaWith all the time she’s spent in the water, it’s a wonder she hasn’t turned into a permanent raisin.

But I don’t mind, of course. I love seeing her this happy.

In the pool one day, she was scooting around the shallow end on her belly. I could tell she was talking to herself but couldn’t make out the words over the babble of the fountain. Then I realized she was repeating, “Swimming all over place!” over and over.

Peeper was happy to return home for many reasons, but I can tell she misses the water. One afternoon, I brought a tub of bubbles and water onto the deck for her to play in. She splashed her hands for a bit and was fascinated when I blew the suds off her fingers. Then she dipped in her foot. Inevitably, the rest of her followed.

Before long, she was naked in the tiny tub, almost as happy as if she were taking a dip in the warm Pacific. She really does swim all over the place.

Deck swimming - Ten Thousand Hour Mama

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