Halloween history repeats itself

Genetics runs strong in these two this Halloween. Ten Thousand Hour Mama

Happy Halloween, everyone!

I know the Ghost of Halloween Past isn’t really a thing—that’s more Dickens’ Christmas territory—but today I was blown over when Halloween history repeated itself.

First, some background (and a few highlights):

The girls and I spent the weekend at costume parties and play dates. At one point, I was watching Kiwi when a friend approached me and asked, “Is Peeper supposed to be eating frosting?” I rushed to the table where kids were decorating graham cracker spooky houses, and Peeper was digging into the chocolate frosting with a big ol’ spoon.

You’re cut off, kid.

We also reenacted a 2014 couch photo with all the kids from Peeper’s moms group, except by now many of them have younger siblings, too. Peeper was strikingly less terrified of the other children than she was at one, thank goodness.

Then today we went to a play date with Kiwi’s moms group pals. We lined them up for a costume photo of course—how could we resist?

This afternoon as I was scrolling through the photos, I saw it: Halloween history repeating itself. Take a look:

Peeper, age 1, Halloween 2014

When siblings freak out at Halloween—two years apart—I have to believe it's genetic. Ten Thousand Hour Mama

Kiwi, age 1, Halloween 2016

When siblings both freak out on Halloween—but two years apart—I have to believe it's genetic. Ten Thousand Hour Mama

Coincidence? Or genetics? I’ll let you—or the Ghost of Halloween Past—decide.

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